Friday, November 21, 2014

Challenging My Crochet Skills and Some New Wooden Pieces To Paint

I have so busy with homeschool stuff, that I have not had time to paint, crochet, or nothing.  Now we are on an extended Thanksgiving Break, and I have lots of time.  Well, I still have paper work to do, but that is not a big deal.  I went and bought some new wooden pieces to paint on.  A frame, a little box, and a plaque.  No art paper, and no canvas.  I love wood.  It is the best thing to paint on, in my opinion.  I also have a baby cocoon and a baby blanket to ship out to Newborns in Need.  They should go out next week.  I decided to challenge myself, and attempt a long duster sweater style jacket.  I do not follow patterns well, but I am  hoping it comes out good.  So far it is slow going, lol.  I will share pictures of all items when done.  Don't forget to check out my Ebay store, and Etsy store.  Come February, my Etsy store will just be for made to order items only. 


Vallon des Trésors said...

I am glad you have some more time for crafting now! I moved house recently and I had not time for crafting at all. I always find those periods a bit difficult.

Melissa said...

Vallon, I agree! I have withdrawal if I can't be crafty.

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