Sunday, November 30, 2014

Waiting For Christmas Painting and Painted Moose Picture Frame

One of these is a gift, but will a made to order item in my Etsy store. The other is a completed project and will be for sale in my Ebay store.

The first item is a hand painted oval pine wood painting titled, Waiting for Santa. This is my first attempt, and am very pleased with it. You have a little boy, and girl, their kitty cat, and teddy bear, sitting by the Christmas tree, and watching the fireplace for Santa. It will be available in my Ebay store tomorrow, 12/1 for purchase. It can be hung on the wall, or put on a shelf or mantel. To find my Ebay store, scroll to the bottom of this blog, and find the widget. 

The second item is a wooden picture frame, painted with moose heads on it. This is a gift for my mother, who loves moose. It will have a special picture in it. This item will be available as a made to order item in my Etsy store.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Moose and Baby Polar Bear Snow Scene Painted Wood Garden Stepping Stone

Yesterday, Caitlin and I sat down to paint the last two wood slices, from our cut down tree, that will be wood stepping stones for our garden. Mine is a moose and baby polar bear in the winter snow. Caitlin painted a wolf on hers, but did not finish it yet. I will share it when it is completed. I did get some more wood items at the craft store. I already started a picture frame, with moose heads, that will be a Christmas gift. I didn't finish it yet, so that will come later too. These are not available for sale, but I think I am going to do some more of the moose, I love them!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Challenging My Crochet Skills and Some New Wooden Pieces To Paint

I have so busy with homeschool stuff, that I have not had time to paint, crochet, or nothing.  Now we are on an extended Thanksgiving Break, and I have lots of time.  Well, I still have paper work to do, but that is not a big deal.  I went and bought some new wooden pieces to paint on.  A frame, a little box, and a plaque.  No art paper, and no canvas.  I love wood.  It is the best thing to paint on, in my opinion.  I also have a baby cocoon and a baby blanket to ship out to Newborns in Need.  They should go out next week.  I decided to challenge myself, and attempt a long duster sweater style jacket.  I do not follow patterns well, but I am  hoping it comes out good.  So far it is slow going, lol.  I will share pictures of all items when done.  Don't forget to check out my Ebay store, and Etsy store.  Come February, my Etsy store will just be for made to order items only. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pilgrim Boy and Native American Boy Painted Thanksgiving Wood Garden Stepping Stone

This is my latest wooden garden stepping stone. I now have four completed, with two more to go. They are done on wood slices from a tree we had to cut down. This one is for Thanksgiving, featuring a Pilgrim boy and a Native American boy. I have to improve my skin tone coloring, and still eyes and mouths need work. Getting better, but still a lot of work to go. Practice makes perfect, that is what I always say. I am not sure what I want to paint on the last two. Maybe flowers and butterflies. These go in my garden, where I will be making a small water garden come Spring.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Birth Stone- Citrine

Citrine is the birth stone for November. Imperial Topaz is the original stone, for November, but due to it's rarity it was changed to Citrine. Almost all Citrine is created from heat treating pale Amethyst. There are natural Citrines, but they are rare. I have two other Citrine pieces in my Etsy store, the ring shown below is Citrine and White Zircon, and is available in my Ebay store. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

New in My Ebay Store Baby's First Teddy Bear and Blanket

These are the two colors I currently have made up. These are available in my Ebay store. The first one is White and Mistletoe yarn. The second is Purple, Blue and Cream. The teddy bears are about 8 inches tall, with the matching blanket. Perfect for little hands to hold and drag around with them. Crochet blankets are exceptionally warm and last forever. Check them out in my Ebay store. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Snowman Mandala Hand Painted Gift Bag and Snow Church on Wooden Stepping Stone

Monday is the day I get to paint. Shown below is my third wood slice stepping stone, with a beautiful snow scene painted on it. I am getting better at buildings. This church didn't come out too bad. It will now join the other two I painted in the garden. I think I am going to be listing these in my Etsy store as made to order items. I decided to take my Etsy store off vacation, until my current items run out, that I already paid for. Then I will be listing made to order only items on Etsy. All new inventory, and inventory that ends on Etsy will go in my new Ebay store. I have several jewelry auctions running right now. So, hop over there if interested.

I also drew and then painted the Snowman Mandala gift bag shown below. That is available in my Ebay store only. I love painting the gift bags, because they can be re used and, or the art work can be cut off and framed. I love that idea! I find more buyers actually prefer Ebay, as opposed to Etsy. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

2 New Ebay Auctions and Unique Handmade Resin Butterfly Christmas Ornament

I have added the neon pink baby girl cocoon with hat, and the orange and cream baby blanket to auction format, in my Ebay store. You can view items in my Ebay store by scrolling to the bottom of this blog, and view the widget. The widget does not show all items, so be sure to click an item to go directly to my store.

The item below is a unique large heart shaped resin Christmas ornament, with a lovely peach pink and black butterfly with glitter embedded. These will last forever, and make great gifts for the butterfly lover in your life. I offer free USA shipping, always, everyday of the year. If you got questions, you can ask them here, or on Ebay.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My First Three Ebay Auctions Are Up and Running Amethyst, Garnet, and Hummingbird

My first three Ebay auctions are up and running, and I have added other inventory to the store.  In all the years I have been selling my crochet baby cocoons, never has anyone ever asked a question, or showed much interest.  I have already had two questions, in one day.  To me, this is optimistic.  I have always said that Etsy is a website of sellers, with very few buyers.  It is a very long process moving my inventory to a new store, so that might take a while.  Especially since I have to work this weekend.  My first three auction items are my Ruby Throated Hummingbird painting, Amethyst ring, and a Raspberry Pink Rhodolite Garnet ring.  Christmas is coming, take advantage of these awesome auction items.  5 days and 9 hours left.  The links are below, so you can see each item.  I am still offering FREE USA shipping. 

Amethyst Ring

Rhodolite Garnet Ring

Hummingbird Painting

Custom Ornamental Gates

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