Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone

I think I am going to start making gemstone videos for learning about gemstones. Youtube has millions of videos, but I have a hard time finding good ones explaining gemstones. If you are a woman, you probably love the color pink. I do! I wear a Pink Tourmaline and Diamond ring, as part of my wedding set. My engagement ring was a Morganite in rose gold. I love pink! The Morganite got sold after I got married. I should have kept it for my daughter, but oh well. The Pink Tourmaline I wear was not made by me, but I did buy from an Etsy Artisan. It was easier than trying to find a white gold setting in my very small finger size. Anyway, one of the two birthstones for October, is pink tourmaline. Below, is an interesting video about Pink Tourmaline. I do not currently have any for sale in my Etsy store, but I hope to have some new settings and pieces created soon. Here are some other interesting facts about Pink Tourmaline: Tourmaline is naturally found in Maine and California. Most Tourmaline appears to come from Sri Lanka. Tourmaline comes in a wide array of colors, similar to sapphire or spinel. It can be heat treated, or irradiated. It is a durable gemstone with a 7-7.5 hardness. There is a blue green Tourmaline from Paraiba Brazil, that is no longer being mined. It is one of the most beautiful colors of Tourmaline.

Do you know what the other birthstone is for October?  Stay tuned I will share it soon.

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