Monday, October 27, 2014

Countdown To Christmas Painted Snowman, Snowman Coaster and Some Projects In Progress

I think I really need to be sure and blog at least 4 days a week. I have so many things already in my store, that I have not shared here yet. I try to be creative everyday. Some weeks that just is not possible, and some weeks it seems like I am just creating like crazy, lol. This week, so far, has been very productive. For those of you who blog, here is a question for you. If you have an Etsy store, where does the most of your non Etsy traffic come from? In other words, not people who favorite your item because they are in a team, but traffic from elsewhere. Mine are Facebook, and this blog. It is hard to say for Twitter and some others because they count in Direct Traffic ads and that could be a lot of different things.

 Yesterday, I finished a red and black, plaid, baby cocoon. It is so adorable, and I will share it here on the blog later. It is available in my Etsy store. Today, is painting day. My husband, finally, cut me some more wood slices from the tree we had to cut down. Unfortunately, I only got three that are small enough to be coasters. You can see one below in the early steps of painting it with an adorable snowman. Those will be available for sale, when I get them finished. I also painted one of the larger slices, white, and it too will have an adorable snowman painted on it. If you follow this blog, you know I did some poinsettias a few weeks ago. They are large, thick and heavy, so I will not sell them in my Etsy store. But, tonight as I was thinking about it, I am going to put them in the garden as wooden stepping stones. I think that is such a lovely idea. I also did a gingerbread painted gift bag, that too will be another day.

 Last but not least, I found these foam snowmen at the Dollar Tree. I painted the hat, the face, added some pine with holly berries, and snowflakes to the body of the snowman. Then I added the numbers 1-25, and crocheted a carrot nose. The nose moves to point to how many days are left until Christmas. These are not very big, and can be reused as long as taken care of. It is about 6 inches tall. This one is ours, because I am not crazy about how the numbers came out, but they will be listed in my store as made to order items. I think I have 5 more snowmen I can create. My kids love the advent calendars, and this one is so adorable. You will find it available in my Etsy store within the next few hours.


Mike and Shan said...

Your snowmen are so cute! Found your blog from Etsy Blog team.

SJW @ Heartland Photography said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Vallon des Trésors said...

Christmas really is not far away anymore is it? The coasters look wonderful!

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