Sunday, September 21, 2014

Christmas is Coming Buy Hanmade Ornaments as Keepsakes and Gifts

One of my favorite gifts to give to family, and friends, are special keepsake Christmas ornaments. Why? Because ornaments are special. They can be used for years, and handed down from generation to generation. I love Christmas ornaments so much, that I decided to start making some special ones. I had done some painted ornaments, and I think two or three of them sold. So, those became part of our annual Christmas tree. Now, that I feel my painting skills have improved since then, I may try painting some again, no sure. But, I have a whole bunch of resin Christmas ornaments, in various sizes, shapes and colors, plus some of these crocheted ornaments created with cabochons and yarn. This one is for a dog lover, more specifically a Maltese dog lover. My mom used to own Maltese and she just adores them. You can purchase this ornament, or any of my ornaments, in my Etsy store. I will be adding new ornaments along the way to Christmas.

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