Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lime Green, Kermit Green, Peridot Green Crocheted Infant Baby Frog Snuggle Buddy

This is the fourth snuggle buddy I have made. They are all available in my store. I still want to do a puppy, and a kitty with better ears. I love this color green too. It looks a lot like Peridot, the birth stone for August. It is vibrant and lively. This is big enough that an infant or toddler could easily carry it around with them. I think these would also be adorable for a new puppy just leaving its mother, or kitten. Full grown pets probably would love to chew it, lol. These are just fun to make. I will be starting the baby cocoon that will have some pink fluffy trim. It could be paired with the angel wings I shared earlier. I also started, last night, a blanket that I just fell in love with. It probably will take me forever to complete. I have jewelry to share, and more to make too. Plus, I am still painting.

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