Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Created A New Etsy Team: Traffic Lovers Through Social Networking

I love the Etsy teams that I already am a member of.  Some of them I am very active with, and others not so much.  One of my frustrations is most Etsians do not like to promote off of Etsy.  Hearting and re hearting all the time really is not a valid marketing strategy.  So, I looked for a group that does social networking.  I even joined one, thinking awesome!  Well after I went through and added everyone to my social networks, I realized the group is not active.  So, being frustrated I started my own group.  Anyone can join this group, as long as you agree to be active, and promote off of Etsy.  The thread rules will be clearly laid out.  If you would like to join my new Etsy group, here is the link

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