Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zentangle Painted Mail Box

Every year my daughter, and I , repaint our mailbox. By a year it really needs it. The hardest part is always deciding what to paint on the mailbox. This year, because I am in a Facebook tangle group, I decided to draw a tangled flower on my side. You can see the results below. Caitlin decided to paint a butterfly and flower on her side. Again, you can see it below. It is always hot this time of year. So, we start out strong and soon we are trying to rush to finish, lol. If you paint too early in the morning everything is covered in dew. Someday we will laugh about this.


Vallon des Trésors said...

It looks great, what a fun thing to do for a mother and daughter activity!

Melissa said...

Thank you Aisha! We have a lot of fun doing it each year.

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