Friday, June 20, 2014

Pinterest Food Challenge Pizza Muffins

Just to throw off all my readers I have decided to throw in some food to this blog. LOL, food can be crafty. Right? I am in a blogging group on Etsy. One of my fellow bloggers has started doing a Pinterest food challenge, and I decided to join in.  All that means is that I pick something off my food board on Pinterest, and I make it.  I have a ton of recipes on there, lol.   It is technically week three, but I missed the first two. Anyway to see what she made, hop over to her blog. My pictures got out of order, and I missed a step, but hey it is not easy to remember to take pictures while you prepare food.

 These are pizza muffins, and I have to tell you right off the bat my kids absolutely loved them. They were quite easy to make, a little awkward and messy, but not real hard. You need refrigerator pizza dough, pizza sauce, mozz cheese, and any other toppings you may like. I used pepperoni. First roll out your dough on a cutting board, or other clean surface. Spread on your pizza sauce. Because you have to roll this, I used mozz sticks that we cut into sections. Place them across the sauce and dough. We actually put the pepperoni down first then set the cheese on top of that. Then you roll it into a log. This was the trickiest part of the whole thing. Once you have it rolled, cut it into sections. Because, it is so hot here in FL I don't run the oven, so ours went into a smaller cupcake tin that holds only six muffins and into the toaster oven it went. Cook according to the package, and then a few minutes more because they are muffins. They don't look beautiful, lol but they were good. My husband and I were unsatisfied and hungry still. So, next time I will be sure to double the recipe so there is plenty for all four of us. Happy Eating!

 This would be great for a party for kids.


Vallon des Trésors said...

That makes for a great thing to give out on parties :D I wish I had a proper oven!

Anastasia said...

oh how fun - i love a food challenge! these look yummy! much inspiration over at Pinterest!

Melissa said...

I was thinking it would be awesome for parties too, and yes I love Pinterest.

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