Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wire Wrapped Ring and Resin Peridot Prototype Ring

This is a prototype ring I have created. It is my second, and so far successful, attempt. I need to wear it and be sure it holds up to wear and tear before I list one for sale.

 This is a clear resin round piece, with a Peridot gemstone embedded in it. Then I used lovely emerald green craft wire, to create the wire wrapped ring. Then I inserted the resin piece. I actually was going to make the ring with hot pink wire, and use it for my monthly blogger challenge, but I loved the green wire so much better. So, I stuck with that. I also have a pendant prototype, that is pink, and I won't be sharing that until I decide if I will be using it for the challenge or something else. I told myself that everything I made this month would be pink. LOL, that has not happened. I did do three pink things so far, then this green piece, and started a caramel brown baby cocoon for a baby boy. What do you think of my prototype?


Vallon des Trésors said...

Very nice! I always love to test the items I make. It gives me a better understanding of how things work. So it is certainly a good idea to have one for yourself.

Melissa said...

So far it is holding up well. Almost ready to make the second one.


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