Sunday, May 4, 2014

Two Group Challenges This Week

I have two group challenges this week, and I think I am going to paint them both. Last week I was invited to join a new Facebook group for art lovers. It is a Zentangle group, and you have to recreate ancient pieces of art work. I have never painted a Zentangle before, but you can see mine below. I almost forgot the tangles, so I added them to the flowers and cattails. This weeks challenge has been posted, and I can not wait to work on it, and add some more tangles this time.

 The second challenge is for my All About Blogspot Etsy team. This is the second month I have created a monthly blogger challenge for the group. This month the theme is pink, in honor of Mother's Day. I am not going to say what mine will be, but I am thinking it will be Art. I might make a whole bunch of pink things. I love the color pink!

My Ancient Crane Zentangle painting, is available in my Etsy store.   


A. Sparkle said...

I'm just now hearing about zentangles, and it seems like its fun. What makes tangles within a painting or picture though?

Melissa said...

Zentangles or tangles for short are just patterns that you choose to add to an image. People call it fancy doodling, and some of them are very fancy. I am just starting. If I paint small, which I usually do, it is hard to figure out how to get a tangle in there. If you open up the image, you will notice the flowers have some weird tangles in there. I just finished my second one, and will have it up soon.

Echoesofstars said...

I've never heard of zentangles before!

Vallon des Trésors said...

It is a nice painting. I also never heard of zentangles before.

Melissa said...

It is different, that is for sure. I find maybe if you draw or paint big, it probably is a little easier. But adding the tangles to small objects is definitely challenging.

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