Sunday, May 25, 2014

Patriotic Red White and Blue Eagle Hologram Christmas Ornament

For the last little bit of resin I had left, I decided to try some of my new hologram stickers in the resin. Now, it does not work exactly like a hologram should. Both images show up inside the resin. So, you get to see both images of this beautiful Bald Eagle. I used red, white and blue beads as border colors, and then drilled the hole and use hot pink wire to make the bail to hang it with. This would make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament for anyone who loves the USA, has served their country, or was even born on one of the patriotic holidays such as 4th of July. It was glazed with a glaze to make it shiny and to protect it, but it doesn't look real awesome in the images. I actually prefer the resin pieces unglazed. The other pieces that came in this last pour will be shared as soon as I decide what to do with them, but they are beautiful butterfly pieces. You can purchase this ornament, and check out all the others, by visiting my Etsy store. 

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