Friday, May 30, 2014

Mint Green Prasiolite Ring Emerald Cut

This beautiful Mint Green Prasiolite ring will not be re-listed in my store. The listing ends on June, 15th 2014. If you want this beauty better get it before it is retired. It is a size 6, emerald cut Prasiolite gemstone. I offer a free layaway service, so if you can not afford the full price you can use that option. Contact me through my Etsy store for details on using the Layaway option.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Patriotic American Flag with Soldier Silhouette Wine Bottle Into Solar Garden Light

This is the second solar garden light, I painted on Memorial Day. This is a wine bottle that I turned into a solar garden light. This one has the red, white and blue from the USA flag, and a soldier saluting the flag, painted onto the bottle. Add the light, put it in the garden, and voila garden art. I have two more to share in the coming days, that are not patriotic in nature. I finally almost have the infant baby boy cocoon finished, and next week I will share a very special Father's Day cake idea, and upcycled jar project that you can try too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Upcycled Wine Bottle Into Solar Garden Light Red White and Blue with Eagle Abstract Art

Yesterday, was Memorial Day, here in the USA. A day to thank, reflect, and remember those who died serving their country. In honor of Memorial Day, two of my wine bottles were painted in a patriotic theme. This is only one bottle, two different lighting camera options.

 This one was done in red, white and blue, with an Eagle painted on the flag colors. The Eagle even has a red, white and blue eye. This was not exactly how I envisioned it, but I am really pleased with how it came out. After two layers of sealant, it looks amazing out in the front garden.

I have finished three other bottles as well, but I will share them one by one in the next few days. I also painted on a Magnolia leaf today. That was awesome, and I can not wait to share it. I am still working on the baby boy crochet cocoon, and some jewelry pieces.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Patriotic Red White and Blue Eagle Hologram Christmas Ornament

For the last little bit of resin I had left, I decided to try some of my new hologram stickers in the resin. Now, it does not work exactly like a hologram should. Both images show up inside the resin. So, you get to see both images of this beautiful Bald Eagle. I used red, white and blue beads as border colors, and then drilled the hole and use hot pink wire to make the bail to hang it with. This would make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament for anyone who loves the USA, has served their country, or was even born on one of the patriotic holidays such as 4th of July. It was glazed with a glaze to make it shiny and to protect it, but it doesn't look real awesome in the images. I actually prefer the resin pieces unglazed. The other pieces that came in this last pour will be shared as soon as I decide what to do with them, but they are beautiful butterfly pieces. You can purchase this ornament, and check out all the others, by visiting my Etsy store. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation Money Jar and Zentangled Wine Bottle Solar Garden Light

I am behind on sharing my Zentangle challenge pieces. If you don't know what Zentangle is, it is basically a fancy word for doodling. I joined an Ancient Art Zentangle group on Facebook, and each week a new set of patterns to use are posted and you design your own art piece. The first one is a bear. It is painted on a recycled, now upcycled into a solar garden light. After painting on the design my pieces are sealed twice and set in the sun to seal more. Then I took a solar garden stake, from the Dollar Tree, inserted into the jar, so the solar part is sticking out and then put it in the garden. I now have five solar garden lights completed. I think I have five more wine bottles left. They are all different designs, and you can see them in this blog. I think I am going to list them in my Etsy store as made to order only.

 The second piece, is a recycled, now upcycled glass pickle jar. First I sealed the bare jar. This was an experiment to see if it helps the paint go on smoother with less streaking, and yes it works quite well. I still added three layers of purple paint as the base coats. Then I used an owl stencil, won't do that again, and tangled the owl. At first I was very disappointed, but I outlined the eyes and beak a bit better, and that satisfied me. Then on the other side, I painted the saying You're A Smartie, tangled the words, and class of 2014 at the very bottom. Last but not least, I added some tangled borders on the sides, and top. The lid was painted purple and a smartie candy super glued to it. I filled it with Smartie candies for the party, and she can reuse it for anything she wants. A money jar at her graduation party this weekend, would be awesome I think. Jars can be used to store so many different things. Again, I think I am going to list these as made to order for birthdays, graduations and weddings. I am sure Baby and Wedding showers would be awesome too.

 I am caught up now, on the Zentangle posts. Now to get the rest of them done, lol. I am working on a super cute infant baby boy cocoon, so be sure to watch for that in the near future. I will also be having some new, and unique resin pieces to share.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pink Turtle Zentangle Abstract Art Original Painting

Now that my children, and I, are almost done with this homeschooling year, I am hoping to pick up my blogging a bit more for this blog. I mentioned a few posts ago, that I had joined a Zentangle Group on Facebook. Each week we are given a challenge to do. This one is actually from two weeks ago. You get to interpret the assignment any way you see fit. Zentangles are new to me, as is abstract art, so this is definitely challenging to me. Most tangles I have seen are done with micro pens, or pencils, I do mine with paints and brushes. This turtle has a pin motif, with flowers and other tangles on the shell and head. The ribbon edging is adorned with some flowers. I will post my one from this week, soon. If you are interested in learning the art of Zentangle here is the Facebook group.    My painting is available in my Etsy store. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maroon Burgundy Infant Baby Girl Cocoon with Resin Flower Headband

This is my newest infant baby girl cocoon. It is maroon, or burgundy, with crochet white flower accents. The headband is maroon with a white flower. The center of the flower is one of my resin cabochons with a coral rose in the center of it. This is so cute, and would make an awesome photo prop and then the cocoon keeps baby warm and safe. It is available for purchase in my Etsy store now. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wire Wrapped Ring and Resin Peridot Prototype Ring

This is a prototype ring I have created. It is my second, and so far successful, attempt. I need to wear it and be sure it holds up to wear and tear before I list one for sale.

 This is a clear resin round piece, with a Peridot gemstone embedded in it. Then I used lovely emerald green craft wire, to create the wire wrapped ring. Then I inserted the resin piece. I actually was going to make the ring with hot pink wire, and use it for my monthly blogger challenge, but I loved the green wire so much better. So, I stuck with that. I also have a pendant prototype, that is pink, and I won't be sharing that until I decide if I will be using it for the challenge or something else. I told myself that everything I made this month would be pink. LOL, that has not happened. I did do three pink things so far, then this green piece, and started a caramel brown baby cocoon for a baby boy. What do you think of my prototype?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Two Group Challenges This Week

I have two group challenges this week, and I think I am going to paint them both. Last week I was invited to join a new Facebook group for art lovers. It is a Zentangle group, and you have to recreate ancient pieces of art work. I have never painted a Zentangle before, but you can see mine below. I almost forgot the tangles, so I added them to the flowers and cattails. This weeks challenge has been posted, and I can not wait to work on it, and add some more tangles this time.

 The second challenge is for my All About Blogspot Etsy team. This is the second month I have created a monthly blogger challenge for the group. This month the theme is pink, in honor of Mother's Day. I am not going to say what mine will be, but I am thinking it will be Art. I might make a whole bunch of pink things. I love the color pink!

My Ancient Crane Zentangle painting, is available in my Etsy store.

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