Thursday, April 10, 2014

Markets of Sunshine: Gift Of the Month Club

I am a member of the Etsy team, All About Blogspot. I was asked by the owner of  Markets of Sunshine, if I would be willing to do a blog post about her website, and specifically her Gift of the Month Club. Of course I said, yes. She sent me a nice little sample of gifts from vendors who participate in the Gift of the Month Club. I got a mug rug, a nice wooden box embellished with flowers, a bowl cover, and a lovely note card with envelope. These are all handmade gifts.

 Have you ever had a time when you needed a gift really fast, and just didn't have anything? The Gift of the Month Club would solve that problem for you. If you want to be a vendor, they have a specific needs list. You can view the needs list, by clicking here. You can read the options available for vendors, by clicking here. If you want to be a recipient of the gift of the month club, then you can sign up by clicking here.

One of the things I really like about the Gift of the Month Club, is that you can sign up just to receive gifts for certain months. So, say June is really a busy month for you, and you are going to need gifts for that particular month, then you could sign up for June. Of course, some people need gifts every month, and if they have limited mobility, or are just too busy to worry about shopping for gifts, then you could sign up for gifts every month. Also, they offer categories, such as pets, friends, home and garden etc. So, you can customize what types of gifts you want to receive. They are delivered right to your home, and they offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied 100%. I love the idea of a Gift of the Month Club, especially since Markets of Sunshine offers all handmade gift items. That is icing on the cake, to other Gift of the Month Clubs. Be sure to visit the Gift of the Month Club website, and the Markets of Sunshine blog.

Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.


Michelle Brown said...

Wow what a great idea! I have seen a few monthly subscription boxes, but I love that this is all handmade! The items you posted look great as well!

Porsha Deun said...

I just joined the All About Blogspot team. Haven't blogged in almost a year but I am getting back into the notion of it.

Markets of Sunshine seems like a cool idea. I will have to check it out as a potential vendor.

Melissa said...

Michelle and Porsha, if I had in stock any of the things on their need list, I would consider it too. It is such a cool idea.

Marsha Jaramillo said...

I am the owner of Markets of Sunshine and wanted to say a big "Thank You" to Melissa for such a great way of presenting my website.
I am now opening it up to all family friendly products so if you are a vendor of handmade products and want to join, now you can!


A. Sparkle said...

I've too seen boxes to get monthly, but never one with handmade items.. That's pretty great! Im sure a lot of ppl would rather buy handmade instead of something from a big chain that way it's more personal.

Marsha Jaramillo said...

Contest on my blog is still open. come on over and enter today.

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