Monday, April 7, 2014

Lilac Mother and Child Silhouette Hand Painted Gift Bag

I love it when I get a couple of days to just be creative. I try to work on a project at least every few days, but to have some time to just be creative, ooh I love it.

 Before I get to the bag, make sure you check back in a few days. I was asked to do a promotion post for a website that I think is so cool. I am so excited to be doing the feature. I got the sample of products in the mail, on Saturday, and pictures have been taken. Now I just have to research everything about the website, and I will be ready to share. If you have a Blogspot blog, meaning Blogger, and you are or want to be an Etsy member, then hurry up and join Etsy so you can join my newest group All About Blogspot. It is not my group, but I am a member, and have been asked to be the thread creator. So hop on over and get to it. We are doing a monthly challenge, that I hope a lot will join in.

OK, now to the bag. I painted the background a lovely lilac color. I love lilac. Then the mother and child silhouette, and last but not least the arc of daisies. This is my best silhouette yet, and I think her face need to just be a little rounder, maybe, lol. It is hard to paint lips on a silhouette, I will have you know. My gift bags can be framed after use, and I offer free shipping to all USA buyers. This is perfect for Mother's Day, a baby shower, a new Grandma, or my favorite as a way to tell someone you are expecting. Visit my Etsy store to purchase, or check out all my awesome items.


Cindy White said...

Nice! And congrats on your involvement with the team. Yay! Visiting from All About Blogspot Team on Etsy. :)

Vallon des Trésors said...

It looks like a difficult thing to paint! I love the lilac as well.
Thank you for your efforts for the team!

Melissa said...

Thank you! I am continually learning and improving.

A. Sparkle said...

I need to be crafting every couple days and just haven't, so kudos to you! Such a sweet silhouette to have on a bag.

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