Thursday, April 24, 2014

All About Blogspot Monthly Blogger Challenge: Spring

This is the very first team challenge for the Etsy team, All About Blogspot. I am not sure how many will join in this first time, but hopefully a few will. I made the theme Spring for obvious reasons. Since I am constantly creating new things, at least every few days I hope, I wasn't sure which pieces I would share for the challenge. I decided to go with my newest creations, little girl headbands. Back in January I started to make resin pieces. My very first pour was a whole bunch of cute pieces. But, after I made them I was not sure what I would do with them. So, I listed them in my Etsy store, as cabochons for jewelry making. As they got close to expiring, I got a clever idea. I decided to make headbands with a flower, and the center of the flower would be one of these cute resin pieces. So far, I have four done, and will hopefully get one done today, before I head out the door for a homeschool play date. The two shown are a cute irridescent baby tiger cub, and an adorable puppy in a peppermint cupcake. I have tons of cute stickers, and can take custom orders for just about anything you might want. If you want to talk about a custom order headband, please contact me through my Etsy store. If you have a blogger blog, and an Etsy account, why not head over to All About Blogspot, and join in the blogging fun.

Here are the other members who participated.  I will add them as they share their posts.  Please visit and support each member.  Thank you!.


Vallon des Trésors said...

It is lovely! I am sad I did not get something done in time.

Kate Brooks said...

These are so cute!

DotDonahue said...

Thanks for adding my blog links. Super cute headbands :)

A. Sparkle said...

The headband are adorable. :) I may have to join in on the next challenge!

Melissa said...

Thanks, everyone. Sparkle, the next one will begin May 1st. The more the merrier.

Katya Loskutova said...

A great idea!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Katya

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