Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Resin Bangle Bracelets?

I have been dying to get bangle molds, for resin. Well, I finally got two and could not wait to pour the resin. Let me tell you something, one they use a ton of resin. You would have to charge a small fortune to make these. Two, they are almost impossible to get out of the molds. I have had no issues, up until these. It took me, my son, and a nail file to finally get them out of the mold. I am not sure I will be using these again, at least not the thicker one. The other thing is the thinner bangle, is very small. I have a six inch wrist, and it would not even fit me. That means it would be for a child at best. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. Then, I realized I put the embeds in wrong on the smaller bangle. So, I sealed it, placed a jar top on it to hold a candle, and voila a beautiful candle holder. Now, I would recommend that instead of putting the candle right in the top like I did, that you actually use a candle that is already in something to catch the wax. Otherwise the lid fills up after a couple of hours with wax, and can leak down the sides. The second, now candle holder, is much thicker, and has elephant beads embedded in it. The smaller one has lady cameos, and coral roses. I only have a very tiny bit of resin left, to make a couple of small pieces. So, I will be waiting to be sure what I want to make. In the meantime I have started a new baby cocoon, and continue to use the resin pieces I have already made to make them into various projects. I have several headbands done, and jewelry pieces too. I think I am going to list these two not bangles in my Etsy store, and see what kind of response I get.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sold My First Painting How Exciting!

I just had my very first sale of one of my paintings. I have been painting for two years, and I am improving every time. My Panda Bear painting sold early this morning. My kids want me to do another one, because they like it, lol. I have never done a repeat painting, but I will try.

 On a less exciting note, I finally bought two molds to make resin bracelets. I only had a little bit of resin left, so I decided to make two bangles today. I was already able to pop the smaller one, and I put the embeds in wrong, lol. I am so disappointed, but I am sure I can figure out something to do with it. I will share them both when I can get the other one out of the mold.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

All About Blogspot Monthly Blogger Challenge: Spring

This is the very first team challenge for the Etsy team, All About Blogspot. I am not sure how many will join in this first time, but hopefully a few will. I made the theme Spring for obvious reasons. Since I am constantly creating new things, at least every few days I hope, I wasn't sure which pieces I would share for the challenge. I decided to go with my newest creations, little girl headbands. Back in January I started to make resin pieces. My very first pour was a whole bunch of cute pieces. But, after I made them I was not sure what I would do with them. So, I listed them in my Etsy store, as cabochons for jewelry making. As they got close to expiring, I got a clever idea. I decided to make headbands with a flower, and the center of the flower would be one of these cute resin pieces. So far, I have four done, and will hopefully get one done today, before I head out the door for a homeschool play date. The two shown are a cute irridescent baby tiger cub, and an adorable puppy in a peppermint cupcake. I have tons of cute stickers, and can take custom orders for just about anything you might want. If you want to talk about a custom order headband, please contact me through my Etsy store. If you have a blogger blog, and an Etsy account, why not head over to All About Blogspot, and join in the blogging fun.

Here are the other members who participated.  I will add them as they share their posts.  Please visit and support each member.  Thank you!.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Solar Powered Garden Fairy Houses From Wine Bottles

I love to paint on things, other than just painting paper, or canvas. Wood is my favorite. Glass is not one of my favorites, but it is a challenge every time. My mom had been saving a ton of wine bottles. She loves to paint on glass, and was planning on painting these. But, she got so many she just did not know what to do with them. Some have been sitting in my garage, for quite some time, then you brought more, lol. A few years ago, I painted a bunch of them, and they are garden watering bottles. You just fill them, invert them, and stick them into the ground near the plant. It works wonderful, and now I have so many plants, I need to make more.  The paint is all still there, even after three years, just not as bright from the harsh sun.   But, I got this other idea first. I bought one Solar powered light, that is small, for like garden use. Then I took two of the large bottles, made sure the solar light would slide down into the bottle, and then painted the bottles. Originally my intention was that they would look like a lighthouse. Which they do. But, then I remembered we live in a state where we get frequent harsh storms, with strong winds, so I figured I better put it into the ground just a little bit. So, I dug a small hole, and put it in there, and filled the dirt around it. Voila, now it doesn't look so much like a lighthouse, but more like a Fairy House. So, that is what I will call them. The red and white one, does not have a solar light yet, but I will get it this week. I am going to take a picture after it gets dark, to see what it looks like. I am going to put these all around my gardens, and maybe save some electricity too, when we have night get togethers. I will be listing these in my Etsy store, as made to order only. You can pick how you want them, but I have to say they take a full day from start to finish, and several layers of paint, and sealer. They would be great for a night wedding, or party. If you were real clever you could probably even hang them from a tree with sturdy wire or rope.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some Finished Resin Pieces Made Into Headbands Angel Kitten

This is the second headband in my headband series. The other one was red and white with a chunky glitter heart as the center of the flower. It is also available in my Etsy store.

This one, modeled by my 10 yr old, is Hunter Green with an Antique White flower. The center of the flower is one of my resin pieces, featuring a white angel kitten with rainbow wings. I have several other pieces I plan on making into headbands too. If you want any particular kind, ask me, I might be able to do it. This is available in my Etsy store now. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Treasury

This is a multi team Etsy treasury. The teams are, All About Blogspot, Team Support and Promote, and Team FEST. If you are on Etsy and would like to join any of these groups, just look them up. Click here to go to the treasury page, and buy one of everything.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aquamarine the March Birthstone

Did you know that blue gemstones is the most popular choice of colored gemstones in the USA? It is, mostly blue Topaz, because of its affordability. Aquamarine, is the birthstone for March. It is a beautiful blue color, ranging from light blue to a deep blue. Did you also know that most Aquamarine is heat treated to achieve the blue color? Most natural, untreated Aquamarine is a blue green color, which many buyers do not find favorable. Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, and has a Mohs hardness of 7-8 making it suitable for jewelry. This past Friday, my kids and I, hosted a resin class for fellow homeschool friends. My son was not incredibly interested, but he had collected some shark teeth while fossil digging recently, so I helped him set them in resin. They will be pendants soon. This is actually only my third pour, and I am still learning. Someone wanted pink resin, so we added just a tiny bit of pink acrylic paint to the resin, once it was mixed. You need to use a toothpick to add it, because if you use too much paint, the acrylic will not cure properly or the color will be too dark. I did not actually want pink resin in with my blue gemstones, but since we set up all the molds ahead of time to stay organized, one of the girls poured pink resin over my blue gemstones. The result is quite pretty. The blue is very faint in the center of the pink resin. Depending on the type of lighting, the blue is darker or lighter. These will be made into earrings, and eventually listed in my Etsy store. I just have to find the time, lol. I have so many new pieces to share with my readers, plus crochet projects, and paintings in the works. Anyone visiting from All About Blogspot, don't forget to enter into the Easter Treasury and the monthly blog challenge. There is still time for both of them.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Markets of Sunshine: Gift Of the Month Club

I am a member of the Etsy team, All About Blogspot. I was asked by the owner of  Markets of Sunshine, if I would be willing to do a blog post about her website, and specifically her Gift of the Month Club. Of course I said, yes. She sent me a nice little sample of gifts from vendors who participate in the Gift of the Month Club. I got a mug rug, a nice wooden box embellished with flowers, a bowl cover, and a lovely note card with envelope. These are all handmade gifts.

 Have you ever had a time when you needed a gift really fast, and just didn't have anything? The Gift of the Month Club would solve that problem for you. If you want to be a vendor, they have a specific needs list. You can view the needs list, by clicking here. You can read the options available for vendors, by clicking here. If you want to be a recipient of the gift of the month club, then you can sign up by clicking here.

One of the things I really like about the Gift of the Month Club, is that you can sign up just to receive gifts for certain months. So, say June is really a busy month for you, and you are going to need gifts for that particular month, then you could sign up for June. Of course, some people need gifts every month, and if they have limited mobility, or are just too busy to worry about shopping for gifts, then you could sign up for gifts every month. Also, they offer categories, such as pets, friends, home and garden etc. So, you can customize what types of gifts you want to receive. They are delivered right to your home, and they offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied 100%. I love the idea of a Gift of the Month Club, especially since Markets of Sunshine offers all handmade gift items. That is icing on the cake, to other Gift of the Month Clubs. Be sure to visit the Gift of the Month Club website, and the Markets of Sunshine blog.

Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lilac Mother and Child Silhouette Hand Painted Gift Bag

I love it when I get a couple of days to just be creative. I try to work on a project at least every few days, but to have some time to just be creative, ooh I love it.

 Before I get to the bag, make sure you check back in a few days. I was asked to do a promotion post for a website that I think is so cool. I am so excited to be doing the feature. I got the sample of products in the mail, on Saturday, and pictures have been taken. Now I just have to research everything about the website, and I will be ready to share. If you have a Blogspot blog, meaning Blogger, and you are or want to be an Etsy member, then hurry up and join Etsy so you can join my newest group All About Blogspot. It is not my group, but I am a member, and have been asked to be the thread creator. So hop on over and get to it. We are doing a monthly challenge, that I hope a lot will join in.

OK, now to the bag. I painted the background a lovely lilac color. I love lilac. Then the mother and child silhouette, and last but not least the arc of daisies. This is my best silhouette yet, and I think her face need to just be a little rounder, maybe, lol. It is hard to paint lips on a silhouette, I will have you know. My gift bags can be framed after use, and I offer free shipping to all USA buyers. This is perfect for Mother's Day, a baby shower, a new Grandma, or my favorite as a way to tell someone you are expecting. Visit my Etsy store to purchase, or check out all my awesome items.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Resin Oops and Upcycled Jar Tops Into Picture Frames

I don't know what is up with Blogger, or maybe it is Firefox, but adding images to my blog has become a real hassle. Anyways, almost a year ago, I painted a huge tree on my living room wall. This was to be our Family Tree. The first frames I tried, and loved, were actually magnets that I just added a sticky square to. Some of them stuck, some refused. So I crocheted a few, they were OK, but not exactly what I was looking for. Because I paint on recycled glass jars, I have tons of the lids that I have just thrown into a box. Yesterday, I put a picture into one and sealed it over with resin. Yes, this did use about 20cc of resin, but I really like the glossy and clean look it has when finished. You can see it on the tree. Right below it is just a rectangle resin piece with a picture in it. I like these the best, but not all pictures will be this small. So, I will have to make a happy medium of the lids and plain resin pieces. I do not like the wooden frames at all, just doesn't look the way I want. The other image is an idea I had while eating Lays Stax. The lid is perfectly round and flexible. Plus I thought it was the perfect size for a nice focal pendant, or Christmas ornament. So, just to try it, I put in four gemstones, a tiny bit of glitter and again, 20cc of resin. It popped out nice and easy, no problems there. I really like how it came out, with one tiny problem, the lid has to lays logo embedded in it, lol. I don't know if you can see it in the image but it is there nicely set in resin. Oh well, I will do something with it. Since it is our birthstones maybe a Christmas ornament.

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