Monday, March 17, 2014

Would It Bother You If You Offered Awesome Prices and Someone Just Bought It To Resell?

Yes, this would bother me.  If I was a wholesale seller, and was still making money, then OK.  But when you hand make your items, and want to offer your customers awesome deals, and someone buys it just to resell it, that just burns me.

So, what got me even thinking about this?  Do I know that this has happened?  No, I do not.  But, I have been doing some research, after an article I read, and it seems people do this.  Why?  Because they can.  Basically if I want to sell my items well below what other sellers will, then someone who never even learned how to crochet, make jewelry or paint, could just take your item and resell it.  Now, this really irritates me because, most of my gemstone jewelry is sold way under what retail would sell it for.  I do this purposely, because one of the reasons I started to make my own jewelry was because of the ridiculous prices that retail charges for simple and common stones.  But, it took me a long time to teach myself to hand set gemstones into semi mounts, and castings, and I ruined a lot of pieces and stones in the process.  So, yes it makes me angry. 

I very often share how I make, or made things, or where I found the pattern at, so people copying my stuff really is not an issue.  But, to just lazily take claim for something you did not make, is just low, in my opinion. 

So, with all that in mind, I have made a few decisions.  One, I have re evaluated my prices on all my items, and adjusted them to prices that I still think are fair, but that will discourage resellers.  Two, I will no longer be doing the auctions on this blog.  I only did one, but it is always my hope that someone who truly loved the piece, but could not afford it would get it, not someone just looking to resell it.  I would rather donate my pieces to organizations that I know.  Three, and this has nothing to do with this general topic but I wanted to announce it, is that all my items are being converted to free shipping.  Free shipping will apply to USA buyers only, and art will still be shipped unframed.  I have almost 150 items in my Etsy store, so if you see something that has not yet been converted to free shipping and you want it, just message me. 

All this may sound over sensitive, but right at this moment, this is how I feel.


Sami Pat said...

Melissa, it is important to do what you think is right by your work. There are always those who will take advantage if given the opportunity. I hope your changes work well for you. I'm s new follower from Etsy. Thanks for saying hello on my blog.

Cpi said...

It was my pleasure to reading your blog "Would It Bother You If You Offered Awesome Prices and Someone Just Bought It To Resell?" so thanks for this amazing posting. I will again visit your blog.

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