Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vintage Leonard Silver Co. Silver Ice Bucket Server Thrift Store Find

About a week ago, my daughter and I went into the Haven Hospice Thrift Store, in Chiefland, FL. I go in every couple of months just to see what they might have of interest. I found a treasure trove of things on this trip. My favorite, however, was this vintage Leonard Silver Co. silver ice bucket. It was very tarnished, so I could not see any of the markings, or writing on the piece. But, it was heavy, real heavy, so I figured it was real nice. After I cleaned it, and looked up the company, it is most likely brass, with sterling silver plating. I could not find this actually piece, so maybe it is rare too. It is now sitting in my nice, new, China cabinet, which was actually given to me by someone who just wanted to get rid of it. How nice! I found some other odds and ends, as well, but this was my favorite, and I only paid 9 dollars for it.


LanasArtStudio said...

wow, I think we are neighbors:) I know this store in Chiefland!... I see it when I drove through once! Lovely findings! keep looking! xx, Lana

Melissa said...

How nice, Lana! Maybe I will see you out and about some time.

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