Monday, March 10, 2014

Tip Top Amusement Park Photography

I am now an active member of the blogging Etsy group called, All About Blogspot. That is pretty straight forward, don't you think? So, today, I am sharing an item from a fellow member, Alew Photography. I remember, when I was a kid, every year at the end of Summer there was the Fair. I loved the Fair, the smells, sounds, games, shows, but most of all I loved the rides. I don't ride anymore, at least not rides that spin a lot, lol. But, when I was a kid you couldn't keep me off them. This photograph is a picture of a fair ride, one I would probably ride again and again, all day long. Especially on bracelet day, oh the best day of all. If you would like to purchase this, or check out her other work, you can visit ALew Photography on Etsy.


Marsha said...

I always looked forward to riding on the merry-go-round at the annual fair

Melissa said...

Me too, but the Zipper was my favorite. Now I wanna barf just looking at it, lol.

Cindy White said...

I've got ALew Photography in my favorites on Etsy. LOVE their shop! This is a great photo!

Melissa said...

Thank you Cindy, I agree!

ALew Photography said...

Thank you for blogging my photography! Following your from All About BlogSpot.

Melissa said...

You are welcome

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