Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Bunny Painted Napkins

Last week I painted glass bunny plates, this week I painted napkins to match. There are actually six napkins, but I only got two done. That is because it was also art night for homeschooling, and we painted Blue Footed Boobies. I had one plate that I did not like. So, I left it unsealed, washed the paint off, and will redo it. As you can see, I painted both bunnies Sable, I love sable bunnies, and the clouds are slightly different. That was on purpose, lol. These napkins, I believe they are cotton, were found at a local thrift store.  I have had them for a while, unsure what I wanted to do with them.   These, along with the plates, will adorn my dining room table, until Easter, or after even, since they are a Spring theme. I have not had much time to play with my resin, or crochet. So, hopefully one day this week, I will get to that. I really want to finish the blanket I am making for the fire dept.


Arctida said...

They are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Those are cute, and I think painting is fun!

Echoesofstars said...

What a neat way to reuse a set of napkins!

Ishje said...

They are adorable!!


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