Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Finished The Fire Dept Blanket/Wall Hanging

When my husband asked me if I could crochet a blanket for the firehouse, I said sure. But he wanted me to create a logo to put on the blanket. I warned him, I had never done that before and was unsure of how it would come out. He said, ok. This was a very timely project, mostly because I didn't have a lot of time to devote to it. It is Red and black, and the logo is black with red writing. After I completed it, I think he was a bit disappointed. He said he thought the logo would have been larger. I made the logo that size for a reason, I told him. 1- it was hard enough to hold the blanket and sew the logo on the blanket, with the size of the blanket, it is even slightly off center because it was hard for my little hands to do that. 2- if you wanted a blanket why would you want a logo as big as the blanket? Why make the blanket then? Anyways I think he liked it, I hope he did. It will be delivered to the fire dept soon. I guess if I do another, I will make the logo a little bit bigger, oh and writing out words with crochet yarn, is not easy either. I think I will offer these logo blankets as a custom order in my Etsy store.


Ishje said...

It looks very nice. I understand writing letters with yarn is not easy, but I think you will learn with time how to work the best.

LanasArtStudio said...

Awesome! I like how your choose a color for it :)
Your husband should be so proud of you! Go Handmade!

Melissa said...

Ishje, yes I suppose practice makes perfect, which is always good advice.

Lana, thank you so much

Cindy White said...

I have respect for anyone who can knit and crochet. It is so hard to do! Handmade rocks! Visiting from All About Blogspot~Cindy

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