Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hand Painted Bunny Tail Glass Plate for Easter or Spring

This is my first post using Google Chrome, and man oh man, it is so much faster and better than, Explorer and definitely Firefox which has had so many issues lately. Anyway, I got so much done yesterday. I think I met all my goals for yesterday. I am nearing completion of the firehouse blanket, and I can not wait to share it, and offer as a made to order piece in my Etsy store. But, I got to paint, a lot, last night. I typically paint on Monday evenings, but last week due to 4H, was not able to. Caitlin painted a gift bag for her friend's birthday coming up. I did not share it, because I don't want anyone to see it before her birthday. We bought a frame so when she is done with the bag she can frame it. I love these gift bags, that I choose to paint on. They can be re-used or framed and enjoyed forever. One of the things I painted was glass plates. Caitlin, and I, realized that we have tons of Fall and Christmas decorations, but hardly any Spring or Easter. I had seven glass plates, so I decided to do six. These are not for sale, but if anyone is interested I can do a custom order in my Etsy store. Glass is very expensive to ship, and these plates are heavy. You can see my favorite one below. A couple did not come out good at all, and I can just wipe it off, and redo those two.That is the nice thing about acrylic paint, you can just wash it off, and do over. At least until you seal the paint on, lol. None of them were painted the same colors, and all are from the back so you can the cute bunny tails. When you paint on glass plates, or trays, you have to paint backwards. Normally you always paint your background first, and then everything else. With glass you do the opposite. This means, for the bunny tail to show on the side you would eat on, I had to do the tail first, let it dry, and then do the rest. Painting on glass plates is a challenge, I can tell you that. I also got two Easter gift bags done. I will share them in another post, but you can always visit my Etsy store and see them there. My banner will take you straight to my store.


Cindi said...

Very cute bunny!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Cindi

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! I "hopped" over from All About Blogspot team and decided to be one of your newest followers. I would appreciate the return!


Melissa said...

Yes, Liz I believe I started following your lovely blog yesterday. Thanks!


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