Friday, March 14, 2014

Do You Need A Good Arm Workout? Hope Resin Keychain With Pink Beads

Do you need a good arm workout, for a really good price? Then you need to be drilling your resin manually, using a bead reamer. The other day, I drilled some more pieces and let me tell you my arms got a work out. It is hard work doing it this way. Most people use a dremmel, I like the old fashioned way, lol. Or just like torture. I have been being creative with my resin again. I had this charm, from another project, so I decided to place it in resin. Rather than using glitter, I used pink beads to add the pink color to the piece, and one stray blue bead got in there too. Then I drilled the hole, with my bead reamer, and added the wire wrap bail and the keychain component. This is a reversible keychain, because the other side of the charm has a dove on it. This is available in my Etsy store, which you can access by clicking on my Etsy store banner on this blog. This would make a great gift for any woman who needs a little extra love and hope to carry around with them.


Julie Jansen said...

love these and pink is my favorite color

Melissa said...

I really love all colors, but pink is definitely a favorite. Thank you, for stopping by.

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