Friday, February 14, 2014

Painted Pink Zebra Stripes with White Background Plates

A while ago, at a consignment shop, I found a whole bunch of nice glass plates for an awesome price. So, I bought them, having no idea really what project I would use them for. Then, my 9 yr old decided for her 10th birthday that she wanted pink striped zebra print as her theme. So, I had some wooden pieces, that I painted black and added pink zebra stripes to, they are not shown yet. Then I did one of the plates with pink and black, but she didn't care for it so much. So, I did pink stripes with white background. This she liked. She said it is ok if the background is black on some, but white on her plates. When you paint on glass you have to put the paint on backwards. What I mean by that is, just glass plates by the way, not other glass items, you have to paint the background on last not first. So, I had to paint on the zebra stripes then the white after the stripes dried. The next plate, I think I am just going to do the center to see if I like that more than the stripes all around the sides. Then I can finish them in the way I like the most. This is acrylic paints.

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