Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mother's Pendant/Family Pendant Gemstones in Resin Custom Order

I have used up all my resin, except for a tiny bit to finish off pieces. I saved my favorite projects for last. I was a little skeptical about whether I should put real gemstones inside resin. I have been collecting gemstones for almost ten years. When you buy in large parcels, as I frequently do, you get a lot of stones that are not good enough to put in regular jewelry castings, but in other projects they are fine. This piece will remain mine, as it is the birthstones for my family members. There are two rubies, a peridot and an emerald. Now why would I put an emerald in resin? Emeralds are very fragile, and when I tried to use this particular emerald in a traditional casting it cracked. So, it was unusable, basically. But, I kept it because the color is amazing and it is my daughter's birthstone. I only have that one emerald. The rubies are small, the smaller the stone the harder it is to set in traditional settings, and I own so many peridot it isn't even funny. Anyway, this will be listed in my Etsy store as a custom order only. I think this style is lovely, but the donut shape mold would be nice too. I do not yet own that mold. If you are interested in having one of these made, please contact me through my Etsy store for details. Prices will vary, as some gemstones are not as easy to get, and are way more expensive than say a Garnet or Amethyst.

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