Friday, January 17, 2014

What I Have Learned About Resin So Far, and Cute Tiger Cub Peace Sign Pendant

I did my fourth pour of resin, this week. What have I learned so far? One, I really like the creativity afforded to me with the resin. Two, the silicone molds are much easier to use than the plastic molds. Three, do not let the water boil, before you put the bottle of resins in to warm it. This causes the resin to become too hot and immediately begin to set. I had to waste some resin, and I don't like to waste anything. I made a couple of ponytail holders, and some pendants this week. Some, I have listed as just cabochons for jewelry making. If after one cycle they don't sell, on Etsy, I will make them into jewelry pieces. After that cycle they will go in my Ecrater store, and not Etsy. Why? Because, Ecrater has no fees, and why should I continue to pay fees if I don't have to, right? Anyway this piece is just so adorable. It is a tiger cub holding a peace sign embedded into clear resin and then a pendant bail added. I made this bail using a silver headpin. It is available to purchase in my Etsy store. All of my Etsy pieces will eventually be in my Ecrater store. My older jewelry pieces, and my moms beaded cell phone cases can be found in my Ecrater store only.

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