Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making Resin Jewelry!

I was so excited to get my resin and one mold for Christmas. I have ordered a larger heart and some smaller heart molds. My first set of items, one mold with many openings makes a lot of pieces and shapes, came out really pretty good. This resin is awesome. It is clear and looks like glass. These are the only things listed in my Etsy store so far, and still need to go in Ecrater store. The butterfly keychain is my favorite. Then there are two heart cabochons. One has a pink flower embedded in it, the other has flat back pearls, pink on the outside and one blue one in the center. These are for wire wrapping or using them as the buyer would like to use them. Last is a Three Dancing Ladies cameo pendant. The cameo is black with white accents, and was embedded into the resin with a very tiny amount of glitter. I am not thrilled with the glitter, but maybe if I use it on the second layer, rather than the first, I will like it more. Also, some of these are quite thick and for jewelry I think thinner might be better. I will have to decide ahead of time what I will do with them so I know if I should make chunky or thin. I have many more pieces to share, once I have pictures and they are listed. I really enjoyed making the resin pieces. It is a several day process, and while this first set is affordable, I could see where they could get expensive depending on the time you put into it, and what you embed in them. I want a bangle mold, and a ring mold, but they can wait until I have a little bit more experience under my belt. I had my first sale of the new year, and it was an awesome sale. I don't share the sale item, until I know the buyer is happy and the sale is complete. Happy New Year! Happy crafting and jewelry making.

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