Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Valentines Day Painted Gift Bag and Heart Candle Jar

I poured my first layer of resin, into my molds, last evening, and the second layer this morning. They are not ready to pop yet, but I can't wait to share them. I was kind of disappointed with the way the glitter ended up, but it is my first time, so I have already learned something very important. Last evening I also painted this little girl I Love You, Valentines Day gift bag. Actually I had to repaint her face because the first one was definitely not cute at all. She has lovely blonde curly hair and blue eyes. I am really pleased with this bag. It is signed and dated, can be reused or if you really love it you could frame it and keep it forever. Then I painted a Valentines Day heart upcycled candle jar. This one came out nice. It has a black base, three layers of paint, and the heart was left clear with just red outlining. Then I painted on rosebuds, and other pretty flowers. It too is signed and dated. Both of these items will be available to purchase in my Etsy and Ecrater stores later today. You can visit both stores by clicking on the widgets in the top and sidebars.

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