Monday, December 9, 2013

Slippers Are Done and New Art Jars and Gift Bag

I finished all the slippers, finally. You would think slippers were easy. No, not so much. But, now that I think I have the pattern memorized I can do them lickity split. The ones for my son are camo, mine are a varigated yarn, and my daughter's are pink, though they don't look pink in the picture. My regular camera is not behaving, so I have been using my cell. Sometimes it takes awesome shots, and other times not so much. I will take more once I get it figured out. These will be listed in my Etsy store as custom orders. You can pick any color and size you would like me to do them in. They are extremely warm, but a little slippery so I wouldn't recommend them for the elderly or very young. I have not painted on bottles, in a very very long time. I came across these two jars, and instead of throwing them away, I decided to add some art to them. They both were painted with a base coat of two layers of black paint. Then the tall jar got three snowmen, and the saying Most of My Friends are Flaky written on it. I thought that was so cute. I wanted to put lights in this and give it as a gift. When I added the lights the snowmen just looked scarey, so I will be keeping this one for something, or if I can find a top to fit it I can add wine to it. The second one is titled New Years in Florida.  As you can see Mr Snowman is enjoying the fireworks on the beach under a palm tree.  How cute!  I am going to fill this one with M&M's and give it as a gift.  Last, but not least, is my first New Years, painted gift bag.  Now these, even though dated 2014 will be prototypes in my store for future years, if they don't sell out this year.  This one was not exactly as I visioned, paint numbers smaller, just take my word for it.  I used glitter glue to add some beauty to it.  I like it. 

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