Friday, December 6, 2013

Questions About My Jewelry and Flash Sale Princess Cocoon

Every now and then someone on Etsy accuses me of selling manufactured jewelry, and not making it myself. I really can't believe I have to speak of this yet again. I have said on my opening page about my store, and when asked by Etsy officials where I buy my settings and gemstones. So, let me make this clear. I do not sell manufactured jewelry. No, I do not make the settings myself, but I do buy from one gentleman on Ebay who does. I also buy semimounts and settings from, Rio Grande, Rings N Things, and a couple of other Ebay sellers. I have been learning and collecting gemstones for almost 14 years. I have taught myself to set the gemstones into the castings and semi mounts. If you think this is an easy job to do, then try it and let me know. It is a skill and a craft. If other sellers think my prices are too cheap, I disagree. They are affordable, which is exactly why I started making my own jewelry, to keep it affordable. I am not interested in whether others agree with my pricing system, or not. I make very little profit and most times none, on my jewelry pieces. You can look up any of the companies I listed and see the products available to buy, for jewelry making. I hope this has cleared up this issue, and I will not have to address it again. I don't mind answering questions, I love that, I do mind rude people, or other sellers trying to undermine me. I would never ever do that to anyone, so please don't do it to me. I am very supportive of others who are in turn supportive to me, even my competitors. My flash sale item for today, is a Princess infant baby cocoon. You can purchase it for $9.99 in my Etsy store, or Ecrater store. Sale price ends at 9PM tonight, so get it if you want it.

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