Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Crocheted Picture Frames, Dolphin Wire Wrapped Ornament, and A New Heart Ornament

I got a lot done today. Since Tuesday is the only day that we do not have outside of the home activities, I try to get as much done as I can. I got two crocheted picture frames done, a dolphin wire wrapped ornament, and a heart wire wrapped ornament. The crocheted picture frames, are being designed to go onto my Family Tree, that I painted on my wall in the early Summer. Since the little frames I bought won't stay on the wall, and that style is no longer available, I decided to make my own. While I have not perfected it yet, I am very close. I just have to make the flap over a little bit wider, to hold the picture in place. I have a square and rectangle one so far, but I need them smaller than what they are. I have a lot of pictures to put on that tree. Second, I made a wire wrapped dolphin ornament. This was more of a challenge than something I would have normally done. It took me almost an hour and a half, to get it how I wanted, and you can see the results. It does not look super pretty on the tree though, so I need to decide how to fix that. Maybe if the tree was not green. Last buy not least, I wanted to make another angel ornament. I had this one large heart bead, but trying to get the head to stay in place just wouldn't work due to the cleft in the heart. So, instead it just because a pretty heart ornament that can be for a Christmas tree or a Valentines Day tree.

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