Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flash Sale Hand Painted Snowman Christmas Gift Bag

Yesterday, we were so busy, I didn't get to post my sale item of the day. Today, I will do it before we head to church. My sale items are always shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google plus, so there are lots of ways you can follow me. Today, I have put one of my hand painted gift bags on sale. These are new to my store, but since it is Christmas, I figured I would offer a couple of them at a sale price. I always consider offers too, so remember that when browsing through either my Etsy or Ecrater store. This bag, Christmas With the Snowman Family, is only in my Etsy store. It did not make it to my Ecrater store, yet. Click the link if you are interested in purchasing. I offer a free layaway service too. I hope to get some New Years bags painted tomorrow, and a dolphin wire pendant or ornament. So, watch for that. I finished all the slippers I was making, and now am working on an interesting item, that I will share if it turns out how I hope.

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