Sunday, December 15, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Sales

My, 25 Days of Christmas Sales, only has 8 days left. So, for the remaining days you can purchase any one item in my store and take 50% off. This is for my Etsy store, or my Ecrater store. The discount will be refunded after the sale is complete. Since they don't have automatic sale markdowns at checkout, on either of those sites. Hurry and don't miss out on this awesome opportunity. I will not be offering sales like this again, for quite some time. Links to my stores, can be found below, or you can click on the widgets on this blog. Right now, I am working on a crocheted blanket, and making a new leg pillow. I had the same leg pillow for years, but then I finally had to get rid of it. Apparently they don't make them as well as they used to, but the price certainly is not any less. The one I just bought, a few months ago, is already falling apart. So, I am crocheting my own and it will last a good long time. Tomorrow I am painting another Happy New Years, gift bag. I will probably only do two more, then begin Valentine's Day bags. I have also been learning about my new, and very exciting, opportunity to learn resin jewelry. I probably will make ornaments, eventually, as I love them.

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