Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Valentines Day Painted Gift Bag and Heart Candle Jar

I poured my first layer of resin, into my molds, last evening, and the second layer this morning. They are not ready to pop yet, but I can't wait to share them. I was kind of disappointed with the way the glitter ended up, but it is my first time, so I have already learned something very important. Last evening I also painted this little girl I Love You, Valentines Day gift bag. Actually I had to repaint her face because the first one was definitely not cute at all. She has lovely blonde curly hair and blue eyes. I am really pleased with this bag. It is signed and dated, can be reused or if you really love it you could frame it and keep it forever. Then I painted a Valentines Day heart upcycled candle jar. This one came out nice. It has a black base, three layers of paint, and the heart was left clear with just red outlining. Then I painted on rosebuds, and other pretty flowers. It too is signed and dated. Both of these items will be available to purchase in my Etsy and Ecrater stores later today. You can visit both stores by clicking on the widgets in the top and sidebars.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shipping Framed Paintings New Rule

I finally shipped one of my framed pieces of art work, and it was way more expensive than I realized it would be. So, for now all my paintings will be pictured framed, but price and shipping will be decreased because I will not be shipping them framed. This will save on shipping and hassles for everyone involved. If you absolutely want it framed, you need to contact me for exact shipping fees, and times to have it shipped framed.

The above disclaimer is now posted with all my original acrylic pieces of art.  I painted a picture for my fil for Christmas, and oh my it was expensive to ship.  So, all paintings will be shipped unframed.  It is not that expensive to get one framed, and it saves so much hassle.  However, if someone really wants it shipped framed, I will do it, but exact shipping will have to be paid.  The box alone, and bubble wrap was almost 10 dollars.

Tomorrow, is the big day!  I finally get to play with my new resin supplies.  I will do some painting as well, at least that is the plan.  I have so many projects I want to do.  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Round Crochet Picture Frame

Merry Christmas, to all my readers.  We had a wonderful Christmas.  My resin is here, but I still need gloves and a mask.  A mask is not necessary, and I see lots of videos where they are not wearing gloves, but since I would be safe than sorry, I will get them before I mess with the resin.  I am going to order the bangle bracelet mold, pretty soon now. 

After Christmas dinner, when everything settled down, I was working on the pillow I started, and decided to try a new kind of picture frame for my painted Family Tree.  I was not completely satisfied with the others I did, but I could live with them.  This one is made with a recycled jar top that I crocheted around.  So, the frame is firm, yet I can replace the pictures as I see fit.  If you do not want to replace the pictures you can just add a dab of glue to the back of the image.  These are great as Christmas Tree ornaments as well.  I hope to make a ton of  these.  I even crocheted on a turtle bead, because the picture was taken at Bush Gardens.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Luna Essence Featured Artisan - On Fire for Handmade

I have not done the featured artisan in a while, so I am happy to participate this week, for Luna Essence. You can check out all her beautiful items, in her Etsy store, or follow her on Facebook. If you love handmade jewelry to give as gifts, or for yourself, check out Luna Essence.  To view her full interview, with On Fire for Handmade, you can click here.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

Goals for 2014

So, as the end of the year quickly approaches, I have been thinking about goals for 2014.  For this blog, and my arts, my goals are as follows:

1-  Learn to make resin jewelry, and ornaments too

2-  Increase my Etsy and Ecrater sales through various new ways to market my items

3-  Learn new crochet stitches

4-  Continue to grow in my painting skills and broaden my horizons in Art

5-  Grow this blog, get some guest posts, sell ad space, and do some paid reviews.

Those are my goals for 2014.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

How To Resin A Painting

So, I was watching some more videos on making resin jewelry, I will probably make ornaments too, and I found this video on applying a thin resin coating to paintings. Why would you do that? To protect the painting, and to help keep it clean. Now, I do apply a finish to my paintings to protect them, but this adds a glossy shine, and I might just try it. It is really cool. Give it a look and see what you think.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy New Year Bag, A Painted House and Glass Cabochons

I painted my second New Years bag, and I am unhappy with it. I just don't like the way the bear looks for a lot of reasons. I don't think I will be listing this one, but will attempt it again next week. I thought black and brown together would be nice for a bear, but it just looks icky. They eyes are not right either. I painted on two glass cabochons, to practice painting backwards. I had done some of these before, when I was just learning, and these are much better. I am still not in love with them, but a vast improvement. A lot of the fine edging, and the writing on the bag, were done with a toothpick, not a paint brush. This allowed me more control. Not sure what I am going to do with them, but can you tell they are snow covered pine trees? DJ says the one looks like a creepy dinosaur eye or something, lol. The painted house, was just a practice sheet. I like it so much, I am probably going to frame it and hang it. I do not like the way the one half came out, so if I can not fix it, I will just cut it in half and make a smaller picture. I really how the color blending came out. The large tree, which I thought I did not like, looks like the orange is coming through it, so I like it. So, I got some stuff done, but probably none of them will be for sale.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Sales

My, 25 Days of Christmas Sales, only has 8 days left. So, for the remaining days you can purchase any one item in my store and take 50% off. This is for my Etsy store, or my Ecrater store. The discount will be refunded after the sale is complete. Since they don't have automatic sale markdowns at checkout, on either of those sites. Hurry and don't miss out on this awesome opportunity. I will not be offering sales like this again, for quite some time. Links to my stores, can be found below, or you can click on the widgets on this blog. Right now, I am working on a crocheted blanket, and making a new leg pillow. I had the same leg pillow for years, but then I finally had to get rid of it. Apparently they don't make them as well as they used to, but the price certainly is not any less. The one I just bought, a few months ago, is already falling apart. So, I am crocheting my own and it will last a good long time. Tomorrow I am painting another Happy New Years, gift bag. I will probably only do two more, then begin Valentine's Day bags. I have also been learning about my new, and very exciting, opportunity to learn resin jewelry. I probably will make ornaments, eventually, as I love them.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Orange Mandarin Garnet Ring 50% Off Today

Today only, until 9 PM Eastern, get this Orange Mandarin Garnet ring for only 12.50. That is a real and beautiful gemstone, at an awesome reduced price. Visit my Etsy store or my Ecrater store to buy.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blue Topaz and Turquoise

If you were born in December your birthstone is the Blue Topaz, or alternately Turquoise. The original birthstone, for December, was Blue Zircon. But due to it's very expensive price and rarity for getting it, Blue Topaz has replaced it. Did you know that blue is the most popular color in America? Watch the videos below to see both of these beautiful gemstones.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Crocheted Picture Frames, Dolphin Wire Wrapped Ornament, and A New Heart Ornament

I got a lot done today. Since Tuesday is the only day that we do not have outside of the home activities, I try to get as much done as I can. I got two crocheted picture frames done, a dolphin wire wrapped ornament, and a heart wire wrapped ornament. The crocheted picture frames, are being designed to go onto my Family Tree, that I painted on my wall in the early Summer. Since the little frames I bought won't stay on the wall, and that style is no longer available, I decided to make my own. While I have not perfected it yet, I am very close. I just have to make the flap over a little bit wider, to hold the picture in place. I have a square and rectangle one so far, but I need them smaller than what they are. I have a lot of pictures to put on that tree. Second, I made a wire wrapped dolphin ornament. This was more of a challenge than something I would have normally done. It took me almost an hour and a half, to get it how I wanted, and you can see the results. It does not look super pretty on the tree though, so I need to decide how to fix that. Maybe if the tree was not green. Last buy not least, I wanted to make another angel ornament. I had this one large heart bead, but trying to get the head to stay in place just wouldn't work due to the cleft in the heart. So, instead it just because a pretty heart ornament that can be for a Christmas tree or a Valentines Day tree.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Slippers Are Done and New Art Jars and Gift Bag

I finished all the slippers, finally. You would think slippers were easy. No, not so much. But, now that I think I have the pattern memorized I can do them lickity split. The ones for my son are camo, mine are a varigated yarn, and my daughter's are pink, though they don't look pink in the picture. My regular camera is not behaving, so I have been using my cell. Sometimes it takes awesome shots, and other times not so much. I will take more once I get it figured out. These will be listed in my Etsy store as custom orders. You can pick any color and size you would like me to do them in. They are extremely warm, but a little slippery so I wouldn't recommend them for the elderly or very young. I have not painted on bottles, in a very very long time. I came across these two jars, and instead of throwing them away, I decided to add some art to them. They both were painted with a base coat of two layers of black paint. Then the tall jar got three snowmen, and the saying Most of My Friends are Flaky written on it. I thought that was so cute. I wanted to put lights in this and give it as a gift. When I added the lights the snowmen just looked scarey, so I will be keeping this one for something, or if I can find a top to fit it I can add wine to it. The second one is titled New Years in Florida.  As you can see Mr Snowman is enjoying the fireworks on the beach under a palm tree.  How cute!  I am going to fill this one with M&M's and give it as a gift.  Last, but not least, is my first New Years, painted gift bag.  Now these, even though dated 2014 will be prototypes in my store for future years, if they don't sell out this year.  This one was not exactly as I visioned, paint numbers smaller, just take my word for it.  I used glitter glue to add some beauty to it.  I like it. 

Ecrater and Etsy Sale, Buy One Get One 50% Off

Today only, buy one item either from my Ecrater store, or my Etsy store and get the second 50% off.  This sale will run until 9 PM tonight only, and then it expires.  Both items must be bought together, and either from Etsy or from Ecrater.  The sale item must be of equal or lesser value.  Visit my Ecrater store and shop now.  Or, visit my Etsy store, to shop now.  Share this post, so others can get in on an awesome deal too. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flash Sale Hand Painted Snowman Christmas Gift Bag

Yesterday, we were so busy, I didn't get to post my sale item of the day. Today, I will do it before we head to church. My sale items are always shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google plus, so there are lots of ways you can follow me. Today, I have put one of my hand painted gift bags on sale. These are new to my store, but since it is Christmas, I figured I would offer a couple of them at a sale price. I always consider offers too, so remember that when browsing through either my Etsy or Ecrater store. This bag, Christmas With the Snowman Family, is only in my Etsy store. It did not make it to my Ecrater store, yet. Click the link if you are interested in purchasing. I offer a free layaway service too. I hope to get some New Years bags painted tomorrow, and a dolphin wire pendant or ornament. So, watch for that. I finished all the slippers I was making, and now am working on an interesting item, that I will share if it turns out how I hope.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Questions About My Jewelry and Flash Sale Princess Cocoon

Every now and then someone on Etsy accuses me of selling manufactured jewelry, and not making it myself. I really can't believe I have to speak of this yet again. I have said on my opening page about my store, and when asked by Etsy officials where I buy my settings and gemstones. So, let me make this clear. I do not sell manufactured jewelry. No, I do not make the settings myself, but I do buy from one gentleman on Ebay who does. I also buy semimounts and settings from JTV.com, Rio Grande, Rings N Things, and a couple of other Ebay sellers. I have been learning and collecting gemstones for almost 14 years. I have taught myself to set the gemstones into the castings and semi mounts. If you think this is an easy job to do, then try it and let me know. It is a skill and a craft. If other sellers think my prices are too cheap, I disagree. They are affordable, which is exactly why I started making my own jewelry, to keep it affordable. I am not interested in whether others agree with my pricing system, or not. I make very little profit and most times none, on my jewelry pieces. You can look up any of the companies I listed and see the products available to buy, for jewelry making. I hope this has cleared up this issue, and I will not have to address it again. I don't mind answering questions, I love that, I do mind rude people, or other sellers trying to undermine me. I would never ever do that to anyone, so please don't do it to me. I am very supportive of others who are in turn supportive to me, even my competitors. My flash sale item for today, is a Princess infant baby cocoon. You can purchase it for $9.99 in my Etsy store, or Ecrater store. Sale price ends at 9PM tonight, so get it if you want it.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 7 Flash Sale: Pink and White European Bead Bracelet Watch

For some reason my image will not upload.   Today, my sale is for a beautiful pink and white flower European style bead bracelet watch.  It is only $14.99 until 9 PM tonight.  You can purchase it either in my Etsy store, or my Ecrater store.  I only have one.  

I finished on pair of slippers for the kids, and almost have the second pair done.  Just one more pair to go, for me.  Slippers are not that hard, but since I do not follow a pattern, it was a little more challenging.  I think I have it down now.  I will be sharing them, when they are all done.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Flash Sale Winnie the Pooh Christmas Table Runner

Day 6, flash sale, Winnie the Pooh counted cross stitch table runner.  Only $24.99 until 9 PM Eastern tonight.  Hurry and get this lovely holiday table decor.  This one is only available in my Etsy store, not Ecrater. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Sale: Day 5 Chrome Diopside and Sapphire Ring 50% Off

Today is day 5 of my 25 Days of Christmas sale, and I have marked down by 50% my beautiful kelly green ">Chrome Diopside, and mint green sapphire ring. It is only $19.99 for today only. The sale price will end at 9 PM Eastern tonight. I selected this video for you to view. This is not me, but she reminds me a lot of me. She is talking about Chrome Diopside, give it a watch and learn about this unique and beautiful stone.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas With the Snowman Family Hand Painted Gift Bag

This is my last Christmas themed bag, for this year. I will be starting on New Years and Valentine's Day next week. I worked over the weekend, so I forgot to share on this blog the day three and day four sale items. You still have time to get today's if you hurry to my Etsy store. It is the Grinch baby cocoon, and the price is valid until 9 PM Eastern time. These bags all start out white. I paint on the background, then the image. This one is pink, with the Snowman family enjoying their Christmas tree. I never decide what I am going to paint, until I sit down to do it. I pick a bunch of stuff ahead of time, then usually end up changing my mind, lol. I will be sharing some new roses practice sheets I did, and I think I have come a long way with them. You can purchase this very special gift bag in my Etsy store. If you don't want to buy on Etsy most of my items are also available in my Ecrater store.

I am working on getting my new resin crafting materials together, and I look forward to beginning to make some new and artistic pieces.   


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