Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NOEL Handpainted Christmas Gift Bag, and Repeat Cedar Key Painting

Back in July, I painted a picture, the third painting down, of Cedar Key from when my Father in Law was here visiting in March. I liked that painting, but DJ and Craig were not satisfied, saying DJ looked like he was standing on his head. Apparently my eyes do not comprehend that, because looks like he is lying down to me, on a blanket. Because, I intend to give it as a gift, I painted it again today. The second painting down, below the bag, is the one done today. Everyone is pleased, so I guess that will be the one I give. Instead of trying to have DJ lying on the white Steelers blanket, I put him sitting in a chair in a white Steelers chair. I could not get the skin tone right for Grandpa Ed's arm and leg, but I guess I will have to live with it. He was pretty pale when here in March, lol, and as you can probably tell it was quite chilly for us since Craig had on boots, long pants, a jacket and a hat. Grandpa Ed was the only one with shorts on. That is what happens when you visit from NY. The first image is of my newest hand painted gift bag, Noel. Noel means Christmas in German. Did you know that? I really did not. It will be available in my new Ecrater store. I am working on a new banner, and hopefully a picture widget for the top of this blog, and others. You can visit my new store, by clicking here. I will be doing 25 Days of Christmas sales, starting on Black Friday, so be sure to check often. Each sale will only be about 12-15 hours long.

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