Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Different Way To Sell My Handmade Items

I have been selling jewelry that I make, for well over ten years.  I have used Ebay, and most recently Etsy for the past five years or so.  While I have nothing against Etsy, I think it is time for a change.  With a market full of only sellers, and not many buyers, you can see why most sellers on Etsy are not successful.. Though I feel successful in the sales I made, one sale a month really is not what I was hoping for, and sometimes I go three to four months without a sale.  So, I am switching to Ecrater, which is a completely free market place.  It is powered by Google, so you can assume it is safe and your items will show up in the Google marketplace.  Using this blog, my FB page and various other social media sites, I hope to increase my sales immensely.  It will take me a while to get everything listed there, and occasionally I will be auctioning stuff off, using Ebay.  For the Christmas season, I will be offering super sale prices that will run for one day at a time.  The 25 Days of Sales, I think I will call it, and I will be starting it on Black Friday.  So, if you like jewelry, crochet baby items, or Art work, bookmark this blog so you don't miss any of the awesome sales I will be offering.  I am also expanding my shipping, by adding more countries besides US.  If your country is not listed in my Ecrater listing, just contact me and I will let you know how much it costs to ship.  As I am sure you are aware, I do not want to lose money on International Shipping, but do want to open up my marketplace options.  Click the link to see the few items I have been able to list so far.  Be sure and bookmark the store too.

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