Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Swallowtailed Kite Art and Hand Painted Trick or Treat Bag

I got some jewelry made last night, but the pictures did not come out good. So, I will share those in another post. Today, the kids and I painted the next bird on our list. The Swallowtailed Kite, is a majestic and beautiful bird. DJ did his in colored pencils, and as you can see his blue pencil died, lol. Of all of them, I think his came out the best, this week. Caitlin and DJ both did the under view of the bird. In other words as if you were standing on the ground looking up at the bird. I decided to do a bird's eye view. I painted water, a tree line and an Island for my bird to see. I am just not happy with his wings, and the Island is not exactly what I visioned in my head. However, I am pleased with my continued improvement. Next week, is the Cardinal. I had purchased these plain bags, and intended to paint on them. Thank goodness I only bought two, because I have not had a ton of time. I am hoping to make holiday gift bags to sell in my Etsy store, or at our monthly yard sale. If you are local to the Gainesville, FL area and you would like to save on shipping, message me to know where our sale is located. All items in my Etsy store will be available.

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