Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cherry Blossom and Yellow Warbler Painting With Matching Candle

When I did the butterfly paintings, I was doing matching candles with them. Then, I ran out of jars. I have a couple more so I made a matching upcycled candle jar with this paining. Now technically I do not fill the jar with candle material. So, it could be for a candle, pencils and pens, silverware, makeup brushes or anything else you wanted to put into it, even flowers looks fabulous in these jars. The painting is an acrylic painting, on acid free acrylic paper. I had mentioned before that I prefer this paper to canvas, because it can be kept clean and once framed can still be protected from dirt and dust. So, I am thinking I will be staying with it. It is a Cherry Blossom Tree over water, with a Yellow Warbler bird sitting on the branch. One thing I love about Yellow Warblers is that the males and females both have a beautiful yellow color. In the bird world, the females are generally more dull than the males. The males have a bit of chestnut colored streaking on their chest, which is how you tell them apart. Both, the jar and the painting are available to purchase in my Etsy store. Any questions, please feel free to ask me. I am about halfway done with my crochet purse. I did a small simple one for my daughter, a while back. This one isn't difficult but I like the style better. Can't wait to share it. I have been looking at some resin, jewelry settings and of course my first love loose gemstones. Didn't make any purchases though, other things come before new supplies. Oh well, soon I hope.

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