Monday, September 30, 2013

My Very First Painting Done on Canvas White Peacock

All right I finally broke down, and did my first painting on canvas. I am not sure I like canvas. It is smoother, and the paint flows much easier and nicer. So the texture is great. However, as I am painting this, I am thinking, how do I keep it clean. At least when I paint on Acrylic paper, and then frame it, the glass and frame protect the painting from dust and dirt. How do you keep a canvas painting clean? I have paintings on canvas, that I have purchased. They are always dirty and I hate it. You can't really clean them very easily. Also, I noticed that canvas is not all that sturdy. I had two canvases, and accidentally put a small tear in the second one. I didn't even apply hardly any pressure or strain on it to cause the tear. So, no I am not thinking I like canvas better. It is not more affordable, but it is somewhat more convenient because it is ready to hang, where as my others have to wait until I choose and purchase a frame. Now, back to the painting. This is the second of this painting. The first was a practice, and was quite lovely too.  It is a White Peacock with black background.  The first one was done on acrylic paper, and will be in my Etsy store soon. This one is on 8x10 canvas and I used a little bit of a different technique to enhance the feathers a little bit more. I really like it. This canvas one is a Christmas gift for a very special friend of mine. Tell me what you think.

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