Friday, September 6, 2013

I Can Not Make Hair Sticks!

I have been trying to make hair sticks out of wire, and other hair accessories. Bleh not happening. I hate wasting supplies, so for now this is on hold. I did make a really nice wire heart with pearls, but now I don't know what to do with it. It is quite large. Anyway I did finish the angels, they will be in my Etsy store soon. I only have two. I also made a pair of silver hoop earrings with faux white and green beads. Also, I got two watches done, using European beads. These are simple enough to make, but the supplies to make them are extremely expensive. I have seen some beads upwards of 40 dollars for one bead. They are lovely beads, but seriously. Anyway I made the pink and white flower one, which is glass beads and they are quite lovely. Then I made a more Fall color motif watch with warm browns and yellows. Both are shown below, and all will be available in my Etsy store. I did not get to paint at all this week. I know, gasp! I wanted to start the bird painting project with the kids, but it has been put off until Monday. Next week I am doing my first vendor fair, with my mom. I hope it doesn't rain. Anyway if there is something you love in my shop, better get it, or place it on layaway, because most of it is going with me. Of course I hope it all sells. I want to go back to my traditional gemstone setting jewelry. I really like the European watches as well, and will do more Angels and crochet. Of course painting too.

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