Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crochet Viking Hat for Halloween

Well I had my first vending experience today. I did not sell anything, but I learned a lot. Most people were looking for items in the 5-10 dollar range. None of the items I had with me fall into this range. Matter of fact most jewelry you can make, unless you buy junk, would not fall into this range just because of the cost of supplies. But, my Mom sold quite a bit, she had the right range, and that was awesome. She just had to put a lot of money into her car to be fixed so she really needed to earn some back. It was extremely hot, and I won't do a craft show this time of year again, at least not outside. Caitlin had a ball too. DJ is studying Vikings in History class right now. So, I decided to make him a Viking hat to wear for Halloween this year. So far I have the hat and the beard done, as shown, and just need to make the horns and attach them. He picked the colors he wanted, and since I can not follow a pattern to save my soul I just make my own. This will be available to order as a custom order in my Etsy store, once it reopens next Saturday. It is currently on vacation until after my garage/yard/craft sale next Saturday morning. I really like the beard, it is cool, lol!

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