Thursday, September 26, 2013

Completed Crochet Boys Viking Hat for Halloween and The Grinch

I finished my son's crochet Viking Hat. He is studying Vikings for History right now, so I decided to make him a hat for Halloween. Not sure how the rest of the clothes are going to go, but we will see. It isn't like the Vikings were real fashionistas. This is a made to order item, in my Etsy store. You can pick your color and size. Then I finished my baby Grinch cocoon with hat. I am working on Cindy Lou Who right now. I love the Grinch, one of my all time favorite Christmas specials, next to Charlie Brown. You can purchase either of these items by visiting my Etsy store. I offer a free layaway service as well and am accepting offers until Christmas. Unless you offer me something completely ludicrous, chances are good I will accept.


UniqueNique said...

You been busy for sure - looks very cute

Melissa said...

Thank you, Monique!

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