Friday, August 16, 2013

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Angel Ornaments

These are so hard to get good pictures of. I just finished two of these adorable Angel ornaments last night. I have been looking at several different ways to make angel ornaments, using supplies I already have, that were left over from other projects. Since I had no luck, I decided to just work with what I had and come up with my own. I love the one with the green wings the best. Those green acrylic, I think they are acrylic, are just right for what I wanted. The body is a pear shaped, or tear drop shaped, White Magnesite gemstone, sometimes referred to as White Buffalo Turquoise. I then used a faux pear and a bead stopper as the halo. Then you just have to put it all together. I found that a very specific type of headpin works best to make the angel wings stay in place. The one with the wooden wings, was much more difficult to put together and is not as tightly wrapped as the other. I will be making more of these, so I need to either make my own headpins or find the ones I want. I still have a few left, so can whip up a few more soon. These are adorable and would make the nicest gifts for friends, teachers, or relatives even. They will be available in my Etsy store, once I get the final touches done on them. What do you think? I also painted white bengal tigers on some wooden beads and created a bangle bracelet.  That is not yet shown, but will be soon.  It is very hard to  hand paint on beads, lol!  Very tedious and difficult work.  Also working on a crochet dog Halloween costume.  It is so cute!

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