Sunday, August 25, 2013

Theme Friday: Pink Hues

This post is a day late. I don't know why, but I can not upload the pictures from my computer anymore. I have to upload to Picasa then upload to the blog from there. Anyway, this week's theme was shades of pink hues. I love the color pink. It is definitely a favorite in jewelry, art, clothes, just about anything. This week I have three items to share with you. Just click the links for each item, if you want to learn more info, or to purchase. All of these items are in Etsy stores. Remember if you want to join in the weekly theme, and get your items seen, click the Facebook app on the left hand side of this blog and then like. First is the Pink Sunrise at the Lighthouse painting. This is an acrylic painting. Next is the Strawberry Rose Button Bracelet, and third is the Pink Polka Dot Bottlecap image sheets. These are handmade items, made by friends of my Facebook page. Be sure to check them all out and save them for your Christmas shopping needs.   I repeat with a new theme each Friday.  All items shared get added to Twitter, Pinterest, this blog and Facebook.

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