Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY Paint Your Doors with Acrylics for Fall

I think I am getting trees down pretty good now. Still having a hard time with large leaves. I want them to look a certain way, but I am pleased with them so far. The spooky house and tree was painted onto my front door yesterday. From start to finish, including clean up, it took about three hours. The nice thing about the front door is that I can be inside, in the air conditioning, while I do it. The second door took about 90 minutes, the back door, and I had to stand outside to do it. Granted it is in a screened porch, but it was still mighty hot here in Florida. The squirrel is being removed, because not what I want. Never painted a squirrel before, but I do have a picture in a book as a model. I think I will add some other Fall critters too, like a deer, owl or cat. I paint from free hand. The only time I draw something out, is if it is small and a very specific shape I need. Then I just draw the basic outline and that is it. I have started just light drawing where I want to place things in a painting, just for perspective. These will stay on the doors, until they come off. I will have to use another door for Christmas, lol. So far I have done these two doors, a bathroom shower wall, a living room wall and the back of the front door has a Thankful tree on it. All of these things can be seen in this blog, by doing a search of the archives. I would have a whole forest of trees painted on my walls by now, if it just didn't take so long, and break my back. What do you think of my doors?

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