Saturday, August 31, 2013

Theme Friday Labor Day Theme

The theme for this week, because it is Labor Day here in the states, is a patriotic theme. The two items featured can be purchased by clicking on the appropriate links. First is a patriotic button bracelet, and then three cute bears marching in a patriotic parade.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finished Fall Motif Painted Door

I finally got to finish the back door of the house. I did this all in acrylics and is completely free hand. Though I have to say there is a lot to be said for lightly penciling in your items. For example, the trees, leaves and bunny, I have done lots of times and am very comfortable with. However, the squirrel and the deer, I have never done and they look slightly awkward. I still love it and am happy to share with all of you. Did you know that Folk Art by definition is art work done by people who have no art training. I guess I qualify as a Folk Artist.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Theme Friday: Pink Hues

This post is a day late. I don't know why, but I can not upload the pictures from my computer anymore. I have to upload to Picasa then upload to the blog from there. Anyway, this week's theme was shades of pink hues. I love the color pink. It is definitely a favorite in jewelry, art, clothes, just about anything. This week I have three items to share with you. Just click the links for each item, if you want to learn more info, or to purchase. All of these items are in Etsy stores. Remember if you want to join in the weekly theme, and get your items seen, click the Facebook app on the left hand side of this blog and then like. First is the Pink Sunrise at the Lighthouse painting. This is an acrylic painting. Next is the Strawberry Rose Button Bracelet, and third is the Pink Polka Dot Bottlecap image sheets. These are handmade items, made by friends of my Facebook page. Be sure to check them all out and save them for your Christmas shopping needs.   I repeat with a new theme each Friday.  All items shared get added to Twitter, Pinterest, this blog and Facebook.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY Paint Your Doors with Acrylics for Fall

I think I am getting trees down pretty good now. Still having a hard time with large leaves. I want them to look a certain way, but I am pleased with them so far. The spooky house and tree was painted onto my front door yesterday. From start to finish, including clean up, it took about three hours. The nice thing about the front door is that I can be inside, in the air conditioning, while I do it. The second door took about 90 minutes, the back door, and I had to stand outside to do it. Granted it is in a screened porch, but it was still mighty hot here in Florida. The squirrel is being removed, because not what I want. Never painted a squirrel before, but I do have a picture in a book as a model. I think I will add some other Fall critters too, like a deer, owl or cat. I paint from free hand. The only time I draw something out, is if it is small and a very specific shape I need. Then I just draw the basic outline and that is it. I have started just light drawing where I want to place things in a painting, just for perspective. These will stay on the doors, until they come off. I will have to use another door for Christmas, lol. So far I have done these two doors, a bathroom shower wall, a living room wall and the back of the front door has a Thankful tree on it. All of these things can be seen in this blog, by doing a search of the archives. I would have a whole forest of trees painted on my walls by now, if it just didn't take so long, and break my back. What do you think of my doors?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It Doesn't Matter If It's Black or White

This week, I am excited to say, I had four participants in my Theme Friday Facebook Challenge. I do a new theme each Friday, and if you want to join in just like my page and wait for Friday. This week the theme was, wait for it, Black and White. I got a nice selection of items to share with you. The first is the acrylic Panda Bear painting, perfect for the animal lover or child bedroom decor. Next are the cutest polymer clay Ghost Hair Pins. So cute for Halloween. Then a pair of earrings in Black Bows. Dangly and cute, but not overbearing. Then, and lots of people love button bracelets, an Infinity Button Bracelet, with all black buttons. Love them all. To check them out, and buy them if you wish, click each highlighted link.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Angel Ornaments

These are so hard to get good pictures of. I just finished two of these adorable Angel ornaments last night. I have been looking at several different ways to make angel ornaments, using supplies I already have, that were left over from other projects. Since I had no luck, I decided to just work with what I had and come up with my own. I love the one with the green wings the best. Those green acrylic, I think they are acrylic, are just right for what I wanted. The body is a pear shaped, or tear drop shaped, White Magnesite gemstone, sometimes referred to as White Buffalo Turquoise. I then used a faux pear and a bead stopper as the halo. Then you just have to put it all together. I found that a very specific type of headpin works best to make the angel wings stay in place. The one with the wooden wings, was much more difficult to put together and is not as tightly wrapped as the other. I will be making more of these, so I need to either make my own headpins or find the ones I want. I still have a few left, so can whip up a few more soon. These are adorable and would make the nicest gifts for friends, teachers, or relatives even. They will be available in my Etsy store, once I get the final touches done on them. What do you think? I also painted white bengal tigers on some wooden beads and created a bangle bracelet.  That is not yet shown, but will be soon.  It is very hard to  hand paint on beads, lol!  Very tedious and difficult work.  Also working on a crochet dog Halloween costume.  It is so cute!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Purple and Yellow Table Runner and Dog Sweater Harness

I just finished crocheting a Fall table runner and dog sweater harness. Because I do not follow patterns well at all, I end up coming up with my own. I love the purple and gold color combo. The table runner measures 24x12 and the main color is the purple with yellow trim. This would look beautiful on any fall table. The dog sweater harness, I have been wanting to try, but just never got to it. I had some of the awesome purple and yellow yarn left, so decided to use it up. My dog is right about ten pounds, so that is the size for this harness. I made it for easy on and off, without too much fuss, especially with the legs. Easy loops to slip your dog's front paws in, and then ties around the belly. Also slip on collar type neck. This was very simple to put on and remove. It could just be a dog sweater and use your regular collar for waling purposes. I used single crochet for maximum warmth. Both of these items will be listed in my Etsy store within the next couple of days. Be sure to check out all my items, by clicking on the Etsy widget at the top of this blog. I offer a nice layaway service, so start Chrismtas shopping now. Today, I am painting the First Day of School, girl version, painting and some white Bengal Tigers on beads. At least that is the plan.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Day of School Painting

I am a member of the On Fire for Handmade Etsy team. Each week they do a theme treasury. This week the theme was back to school, and I painted this little boy on his first day of school, just for that theme. Isn't he adorable? He is all done in acrylics and is available to purchase in my Etsy store. I will be doing a little girl version soon. My daughter painted with me, and she painted the lovely horse painting shown. She will be entering her art work in the North Florida Fair with our 4H group. Today, I think I am going to dabble in some jewelry making. I finished two crochet projects, that I will be sharing soon also. I will be doing my first vending event, with my mom and daughter, on Sept 14 at the Greathouse Butterfly Farm. So, all my jewelry, and some of my paintings and crochet items will be going there. If there is something you want in my store, better get it. Especially those Clearance items.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Theme Friday Peridot Green

Theme Friday post for 8/9/2013 Peridot Green. Since my birthday is in August, and Peridot is the birthstone for August, I decided to do a lime green Theme Friday. Each week, on my Facebook page, I offer up a theme. Anyone can share an item that fits the theme. Each item shared gets tweeted, pinned and shared on my personal FB page, then gets a post right here on this blog each Saturday. Sound fun? Then join in! This week I got two items to share. A Kermit the Frog green crocheted baby cocoon with hat. This would make a great photo prop, Halloween costume, or just to keep baby warm while sleeping. Next, is a lovely Lime Green and Teal Bottle Cap necklace. These are so cute and would make awesome gifts or stocking stuffers. Keep some handy for those surprise birthday parties. Click each highlighted link to go to their respective Etsy stores to buy or browse some more. Thanks for looking. Leave me a comment. I love comments.

Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Teach Yourself To Paint Video

I have no formal training in Art or Painting. Yet, I am teaching myself to paint, using many useful resources including, videos, books and just plain practice. I especially like the videos because I can pause and rewatch as much as I want, or need. I am getting back into the groove of jewelry making as well. Plus crochet, lol. When the economy fell apart jewelry semi mounts and settings, became very expensive, and I just couldn't spare the extra money. Now things are improving a bit, and I am hoping to get some new jewelry supplies soon. I am learning some wire wrapping, and beading, which is somewhat more affordable than traditional gemstones and settings.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Theme Friday Dark Pink and Light Beige Color Theme

I have four beautiful handmade items to share with you this week, for my weekly Theme Friday Facebook activity. Anyone who makes handmade things can join. If you would like to join here is my Facebook fan page. Just like the page and wait for the theme each Friday. You do not have to have an Etsy store to join. It does make sense if you have a place where the item can be purchased though. This week I am sharing a leopard eye print upcycled painted jar, pink and brown beaded bracelet, pink and white baby hat, and a cute beige bunny painting. You will go to each featured item's shop, by clicking the corresponding links. Don't forget Christmas is coming and if you buy a little as you go, it won't be such a burden when it gets here. So why not start now? Happy Saturday.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 10 Water Challenge Finished Lighthouse Painting

I did get to finish the Lighthouse painting I started yesterday. I really like the way it came out. Caitlin made a simple wire and heart dangle bracelet and I finished the upcycled butterfly candle jar. It has been a very productive week this week. I love Summer vacation!

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