Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hail To the Prince or Princess!

This week's Theme Friday topic is all about princes and princesses. Since no crafters with boy prince items joined in, I picked one that I liked from an Etsy shop. Each of these items can be purchased at their Etsy stores by clicking on the links. Tell your friends and join in each week on my Facebook page. I get your item seen in several different places, including in a special blog post right here.

 Princess Bottle Cap Necklace
 Preemie Princess Crochet Cocoon with Crown
 Little Prince Diaper Cake


Kate Brooks said...

Fantastic! Ohhh the little prince! Wonderful items! I think all little girl should have a princess birthday party! And all little boys should have a Kings and Knights party! Oh, the fun that would be!

Melissa said...

I agree! Thanks for stopping by, Kate.

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