Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 7 Water Challenge Red Butterfly Over Rippled Water Painting

Once a month my mom comes to paint with us. She is the one that got me painting to begin with. Yesterday, I did a Monarch butterfly on a purple flower over water. Today I did a beautiful red butterfly over rippled water. This is my first attempt at circular ripples in water. The butterfly just lightly lands on the water, causing soft ripples in the water. I am so loving the butterflies, that I am going to incorporate three of my favorites in future paintings, water, butterflies and flowers. Can't wait. I have 23 more days in my 30 day water challenge. That is a lot of painting. I did not get to finish my glass jar from yesterday, or start any new ones. Maybe tomorrow, especially if it keeps raining here. Our butterfly feeders, that we have put around the garden, have attracted some butterflies and moths that we don't normally see. We even had a blue butterfly last week, and some sort of a red butterfly or moth. We have three Milkweed plants, also, and got two caterpillars off of them so far. They are getting real big and hopefully we will get to see them make a chrysalis. Caitlin painted the rest of her butterfly stepping stone, then drew a baby lion and a lovely fish. DJ drew a sword from his Skyrim game. I tried to get him to design his own, but he is not ready for that yet. However, Caitlin and my Mom both designed their own girly swords, as they called them.

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