Monday, July 1, 2013

30 Day Paint Challenge Water and Animals, Day 1

Caitlin and I decided we would challenge each other to a paint challenge, to improve our skills in one area. I picked water and she picked animals. Now I don't know for sure if we will do 30 days in a row, because some days we are way busier than others with outside activities. Today, for day one I did two paintings. Because it is Independence Day this week, and my son's 13th birthday I opted for fireworks over water with some patriotic wisdom. I have never done fireworks before and they are kind of difficult to make look realistic. Then, because I love waterfalls I made my little mountain escape house next to a beautiful waterfall. All this week I will be doing water with some patriotic US symbols. Caitlin is repainting the bathroom cupboard doors. Years ago I let both kids paint on them. She painted over that today, with purple paint, then started her first animal a dog. She asked me not to take pics until it was done. I am the opposite of her, I like to show progress in each step, she likes to wait until the project is complete.

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